Devil’s Kitchen: Hot and Now.

My debut crime novel, Devil’s Kitchen, a Border Crime Romance (or Border Crime with Romance between Crimes), published by Oak Tree Press, went to print In June, 2011. Purchase Devil’s Kitchen in trade paperback or on Kindle.

Short synopsis…

When a human head is found in a landfill near Tucson, Arizona, Pima County Sheriff’s Detective Manuel Aguilar  suspects the dead man’s heroin-addicted friends did the killing–until somebody starts killing them. The investigation takes Manuel Aguilar to the doorsteps of powerful men on both sides of the US-Mexico border. These men are not happy to see him.

Manuel Aguilar needs help with this case and his redheaded, butt-kicking girlfriend, Reina, along with his Yaqui grandmother, provide that help.  So does Johnny Oaks, a PI who specializes in finding runaways.  Jeff Goldman, a ponytailed attorney whose cynical facade belies his outrage at  institutional corruption, completes the team. The heroes find the solution to the mystery locked in the mind of a teenage female, but not before they ride to a showdown in Arizona’s remote Skeleton Canyon.



  1. Interesting story. You’re sitting next to my mom in the court hearings in real life 🙂 Please do the victim justice because he was a good man who was loved by so many people in Pima. I look forward to reading this!

    1. Hi Christi,
      This is a very late reply because WordPress freaks me out and I’m lazy as a throw rug. Thanks for your contacting me re: William Wheelan. I write novels and may never write about Bill directly or use him as a character–but I may–and I will remember him, I can say that.

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